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Week 34 – May 20, 2019

May 20, 2019 by Jami Rowlett

Dear First Grade Families, 

Tomorrow is MAP reading testing. 1st graders will start at 8:15.  Be sure to have your child at school on time.  Please make sure they are rested and ready to go.  The will take the math portion on Wednesday at 10:00.  Make up tests will be on Thursday. 

As we get closer to the end of the school year, we will be very busy finishing up assessments for report cards.  Last week was our last day of formal homework for both reading and math.  There will be no homework at all tonight and tomorrow night due to MAP testing.  Please have your child continue to read on non testing days.  If they complete their reading log they will get to choose out of the treasure chest. 

Monday, June 3rd we will be walking to Venturacci park to celebrate summer birthdays. We will be leaving school at  1:00 and return at 1:45 ish.   We will have cupcakes and will get to play in the park. 

The 8th graders will be selling lemonade on May 28, 29, 30th & June 3 & 4th during lunch for 25 cents.  This is part of their economics unit and fits nicely with our needs and wants unit. 

Last week in first grade:

  • We learned how to use commas in a series.
  • We practiced retelling a story and finding the central message of that story.
  • We began editing/revising small moment stories, and started to write final drafts.
  • We learned why we have day and night, why we have seasons, and how the Earth’s rotation plays a role in all of these things.

This week in first grade:

  • We will learn how to use commas when writing the date.
  • We will continue to learn about fables and the central message of the story.
  • We will compare and contrast the adventures of characters in a story.
  • We will write about the sun, moon and stars.
  • We will finish our final drafts of our small moments.

A Math Message from Mrs. Bloomfield:

Reminder: There will not be any assigned homework the week of May 20th due to MAP testing.

Throughout the week our class will revisit math objectives that we have taught throughout the year and need extra review on.  I will be giving several mini assessments in math for report card grades

Have a great week!