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Week 34 in Second Grade

May 19, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

May 20, 2019

Dear Bighorn Parents,

It’s time for the end of the year MAPs Testing! This week, 2nd grade students will be taking the spring MAPs Testing. On Tuesday, May 21st students will take the Reading MAPs Test during their regular reading class time (9:45-11:15). The Math MAPs Testing will be on Wednesday, May 22nd during their regular math time (8:10-9:30). Thursday will be used for students who need more time or students who missed a test. MAPs Testing typically takes anywhere from 40 minutes to 1 hour. Please be sure that your child gets to bed at a reasonable time and has a good breakfast. Because of the testing schedule and the holiday weekend next week (Memorial Day), students will not have reading or math homework. Your child’s MAPs Test results will be included with their report card on the last week of school.

In math, students are really enjoying their work in multiplication. They are working on looking at multiplication as equal groups and repeated addition. Students will continue playing “Circles and Stars” and work on partitioning a rectangle or square into equal rows and columns. Students will be assessed on this standard on Thursday.

Our final standards in language will be worked on simultaneously. Students will be working on some more dictionary skills. They will be specifically using dictionaries to check spelling.
Over the course of the next 2 weeks students will also be working on memorizing a short poem. They selected their poem last week from a list of 12 poems that ranged in length from 8-16 lines. Students will be creating props and practicing their poem so that they will be ready to present to first graders during the last week of school.

The second grade writers are working on their small moment narratives. The topic is a summer small moment. Last week students generated a list of possible topics, selected a topic, narrowed the topic down, and completed a plan (quick sketch) for their writing. This week students will be writing a rough draft, self revising and editing, peer revising and editing, and teacher revising and editing. Next week students will complete their final draft and share with the 1st graders who are also working on small moment narratives.

Our work as botanists is continuing. Students have made their final observations on their plants. They have written their results and will work on conclusions this week. Students will be putting together their tri-fold boards practicing presenting their scientific study of growing seeds. Students will also continue to learn about pollination and create a pollinator. This week will be very busy in projects. Students will be ready to present projects the following week. Stay posted for a date and time, tentatively it could be Wednesday, May 29th at 3:15 pm or Thursday, May 30th at 3:15 pm.

Remember, Monday, May 27th is Memorial Day! Oasis Academy will be closed but we will see everyone back on Tuesday, May 28th! Wishing everyone a safe and fun 4 days!!

Anne Bloomfield
Shannon Garcia