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Week 32, May 6-9, with Mrs. Farley

May 5, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

In projects last week, we began our last unit… human systems and the environment. Students were given their vocabulary words to take home and study as needed, test will be THIS Wednesday. Students learned about the different types of communities we live in: rural, suburban, and urban. We watched different videos and had some great class discussion about population distribution. Students then created a Venn diagram to share their knowledge of the differences and similarities between the three communities. This week, students will be placed into project groups to continue this unit of study. Each project group will have two students from our class and two students from Mrs. Feest’s class. We are very excited about this opportunity to work with the other 4th grade class! Groups will create organizers and then a slide show to demonstrate how different industries within Nevada effect its residents and our environment. Groups will present their findings to their class. We will also begin our Career Presentations next week. Our first guest speaker will be Officer Bake from the NHP.

In writing, students continue to work on their volcano informative essays. Last week our class reviewed a checklist and rubric that they are using to thoroughly revise and edit their papers. We will continue to revise and edit in the early part of the week and final papers will be due Thursday. We will also do several practice tests for the writing portion of state testing. This will help students to learn how to use the various tools available to them as well as build their stamina.


  • May 7th/8th: 4th grade SBAC-MATH
  • May 14th/15th:  4th grade SBAC-ELA

Have a great week Bighorns!–Mrs. Farley