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Week 31 in Second Grade

April 28, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

April 29, 2019

Dear Bighorn Parents,

How can we be saying good bye to month of April and hello to the month of May??!! Even though we are solidly in the season of spring, this week there are summer temperatures (high 60’s into the 70’s) in the forecast. Please send your child with a labeled water bottle.

We will finish up our unit on measurement this week. Students have been measuring in customary units (inches, feet, and yards) and metric units (centimeters and meters). We have been measuring up to 2 different items using the same unit and determining how much longer 1 item is than the other. Students have also been using units of measurement in word problems.

Our work in language is all about using a dictionary to determine the meaning of a word being used in context. We all know the English language is filled with words that have multiple meanings. Students have been learning about the different parts of the dictionary including guide word, entry words, pronunciation, parts of speech, and the definition. This week the focus will be more on determining which meaning of a word is being used in a given sentence.

Bark-noun-1. The rind of a tree. Verb 2. Cry of a dog.

Our dogs will bark when a stranger comes to the door. (Definition 2)

Students started their new opinion piece last week. The topic is “Should all children receive a trophy at the end of a sport season?” Students definitely had very strong opinions on this topic! So far students have completed their flee map on the topic. All students will be working on rough drafts, editing, and revising this week. Some may even complete their final copy this week.

In projects students have decided on their question, formed a hypothesis, and planted their seeds. Student partnership selected a seed type (cosmos, sunflower, or radish seeds) and decided whether they would experiment with the substance they planted their seed in (sand, wood chips, Easter grass, Oasis soil, rocks, or baking soda) or what they would “water” (apple juice, sugar water, orange juice, Dr. Pepper, Coke, Sprite, coffee, and liquid dish soap) their seeds. Students planted 3 control seeds that were planted in potting soil and watered as needed along with the 3 experimental seeds. Over the next 2-3 weeks students will be documenting their experiment through keeping a plant log. They will also be putting together a tri-fold board with all parts of the “Scientific Method”.

Looking forward to another learning-filled week in 2nd grade.

Anne Bloomfield
Shannon Garcia