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Week 30 — 4/22-4/25

April 22, 2019 by Jami Rowlett

Hello First Grade Families,

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter weekend. Can you believe that we have been in school for 30 weeks. The time has just zoomed by!!

Important Reminders/ Information:

  • With the weather warming up, I suggest students bring a filled water bottle every day. ┬áPlease label it with their name.
  • Don’t forget to label all layered clothing. This way if it gets lost it will be easily returned..

Last week on first grade:

  • We reviewed common and proper nouns.
  • We practiced finding the main idea and key details of a paragraph.
  • We continued to study Biomimicry and practiced camouflaging moths to match an area in our classroom.
  • We discussed small moment stories and created a list of possible stories to write.

This week in first grade:

  • We will begin our new word spelling study. (-ain words)
  • We will review the difference between plural and possessive nouns.
  • We will continue to find the main idea and key details of a paragraph.
  • We will finish up our Biomimicry unit with some fun projects.
  • We will begin writing our small moment stories.

A Math Message from Miss Garcia

This week the first graders will revisit 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes.  We will also begin working on fractions. As a class, we will discuss partitioning circles and rectangles into 2 (halves) and 4 (quarters/fourths) equal parts.  Our math vocabulary will include: half, half-of, fourths and quarters.

Have a great week!

Oasis Academy

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