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Week 3-Open a Book

September 3, 2019 by Lauren Kelly

I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. I know I sure did! Got out into nature and did some camping and fishing at Pyramid lake. Caught a few fish, but nothing that was big enough to keep. Lol

Here we are in week 3 of Kindergarten! We are going to be full swing into our daily schedule this week.

In writing this week, students will be writing and learning about what is their favorite food to eat. Students will brainstorm and share their favorite food. They will then draw themselves eating their favorite food with lots of details and color. Next, they will be assisted to label the parts in their drawing. Last, they will be taught the sentence frame: I like to eat_____. Students will use this sentence to write a sentence about their favorite food.

The sentence frame above has our two sight words for the week: like & to. These sight words will be helpful in our phonemic awareness skills of sentence building this week. Students will be taught how to build a good sentence and a great sentence. A great sentence tells the reader lots of details. Students will be asked to count how many words are in their sentences they create. (e.g. I like to eat hot dogs. VS I like to eat beef hot dogs with ketchup and mustard.) The letters of focus for this week are /Nn/ and /Qq./ Students will be taught the letter sounds first, then the letter names. We will brainstorm and discuss words that start with these letters. Additionally, as a class we will create a letter poster each week of our letters of focus. Here is a link to our ASL signs for our sight words and the ZooPhonic chants for our letters: Video Link

In Math instruction this week, we will continue Chapter 1: Sorting and Classifying. We will look at the concept of categories and why things belong together and how to sort things by 1 attribute or more than 1 attribute. Then we will do our STEAM exploration on Wednesday where students will build ramps and use rough and smooth materials on them to see which are faster or slower. 

    *Any material donations to our STEAM exploration would be greatly appreciated:  12-15 toy/match cars, any materials like cloth, foil, carpet swatches, sand paper, etc. and cardboard.

HOMEWORK: 20 minutes  each night: 10 minutes of reading or letter practice/10 minutes of IXL 

   -For IXL continue to have students work on Q modules.

NEEDS: Please make sure to separate your child’s snack from their lunch. It makes your student’s morning routine faster! Plus, then we know what is supposed to be their snack and what is intended to be their lunch. It is easiest to place their snack in the front pocket of their backpack, separate from their lunch.

Thanks for all that you are doing to better your child’s education with us here at OA. 🙂