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Week 3- Open a Book

September 3, 2019 by Miss Morrison

Our theme this week is Open a Book. We will be delving into the 3rd Way to Read- Retelling a story. This involves a reader sharing what they heard when the story was read to them and what they see in the pictures. Our read aloud will be Bears Don’t Read. We will also be revisiting Big Bear and the popular tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to practice our retelling skills.

We will continue to focus on and practice our skill of Attentive Listening.

The Kindergartners did a great job of writing their first sentence this week. We will continue to work on crafting pages that include detailed pictures, labels, and complete sentences. This week we will be writing about animals that we like.

We will continue our focus on letter sounds and names, as well as word awareness. When your child reads to you, please encourage them to point to each word as it is said.

In math, we continue our work with sharing attributes we notice and how things differ and are similar. 


Our class has been getting really good at reading from their book baskets. They are really enjoying our library. Next week, I would like to introduce our “Listen to Reading” station to the class. Each student will need to bring a pair of headphones to keep here at school. I’ve been told that many Kindergartners struggle to keep earbuds in their ears so you may want to get the over the head type. It has also been recommended that you don’t buy a super expensive pair- just in case of mishaps. I think the kids are really going to enjoy listening to stories on CD (and on Chromebooks later in the year)!


When logging in to IXL, our tech master wizard, Mr. Kelly, has prompted us to please make sure that you are using the school’s special login page:

– otherwise your child’s work will not be reported to my teacher account.


10 minutes each night. Reading can include reading stories, the poems in the binder, and working on alphabet sounds and letter names. 


Remember, math should be done for 10 minutes.

Recommended IXL objectives for this week are Q skills 1-7

I have decided to assign our optional objectives in more of a weekly chunk than a day by day assignment. This should allow you to let your child’s specific needs guide their practice within a skill area. Please note that fluency (answering with speed and ease) is the goal for mastering these foundational math skills. We want your child to have a strong foundation and feel confidence in their ability to use their math skills. Revisiting objectives to increase fluency is essential for our Kindergarteners.

Similar skills can be practiced and strengthened with real world objects. Dishes, clothes, toys, art materials, and the like all lend themselves to discussions about attributes, similarities, and differences. Basic counting skills can also be reinforced when items that are sorted are counted and compared.