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Week 3 9/17

September 16, 2018 by Jami Rowlett

Hello first grade families,

We have been having so much fun in first grade these last weeks.  We are getting into our routine, know all the rules and procedures, and are working hard.

Last week in first grade we learned phonics through the secret stories. We reviewed the crazy drivers (er, ir, ur), the pirates (ar), the lovebirds (au, aw) and the friends that saw a mouse (eu, ew). We will continue to review more of these while looking at our names and introducing our friends. We also learned the definition of a syllable (a word or part of a word with 1 vowel sound). There are hand movements that go along with this saying so be sure to have your child show you. During our Daily 5 block we built stamina in read to self and read to someone. This week we will introduce work on writing, word work and listen to reading.

In Tribes we read stories, drew pictures, and wrote about Attentive listening, and mutual respect. We read the bucket filler book. First graders want to fill peoples buckets. We will practice showing mutual respect and filling peoples buckets by giving appreciations and following the golden rule.

Please remember to read for 20 minutes and practice math facts for 10 minutes each night. Your first grader may be bringing home a sight word list to practice. These should be included in the 20 minutes of reading and not be extra.

Thank you for sharing your 1st grader with me!!

Mrs. Rowlett

Math News from Miss  Garcia

1st Grade Math

This week the first grade learners counted and modeled numbers up to 25 using base 10 blocks.  We also started the concept of comparing numbers using greater than >, less than < and equal to =.  We compared number sets using the symbols and the students quickly understood the concept of equal to.  However, there is great confusion using greater than and less than. As a class, we will continue to focus on this concept again this week.  They are doing a great job problem solving and persevering!


Happy Monday,

Miss Garcia and Mrs. Bloomfield