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Week 29 in Second Grade

April 14, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

April 15, 2019

Dear Parents.

Thanks for making Parent Teacher Conferences great!! Friday was definitely a packed day, but it was very fun to meet with so many families to discuss the progress of your student! There are a few more conferences scheduled for this week. Miss Garcia and myself are looking forward to meeting with the family of each student. If you have not been able to schedule a conference please email us.

This past week students spent time discussing tools and ways of measuring. Students are learning about nonstandard units of measurement (tiles, paperclips, etc.) and standard units of measurement (inches, centimeters, etc.). They spent time measuring objects using 2 types of units. Students also worked with estimating the length of an object then measuring the length of the object with a unit. Work on this standard will continue into next week.

This week in language our focus will be on prefixes. Over the course of the week students will learning about the following prefixes. Being able to identify and understand the meaning of prefixes, helps students to read more words and to help in the understanding of the meaning of the word.
Dis = not               The boy dislikes pepperoni pizza.
Un = not                She has been unable to come to school because she has                                    been sick.
Re = again            Jennifer had to repaint the wall.
Mis = wrong         I misplaced my keys, so I was late for the meeting.
Pre = before         The recipe said to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Under = below     He was able to swim underwater for 20 seconds.

Our second writers will be working on opinion pieces this week. Since this genre of writing is one that students are familiar with, we will be doing a quick review (think OREO…state your opinion, give a reason, explain the reason, and restate your opinion). Students will be discussing a topic–whether or not plastic bags should banned and coming up with a list of pros and cons. They will use the list to help them write this opinion piece. Students will be self editing and peer editing and completing a final draft this week.

Our Second Botanist have been learning about the main parts of a plant (roots, stems, leaves, and flowers). Students have also explored flower and bean seeds using a magnifying glass. Our work with plants will continue this week with learning about the function of the main parts of a plants. We will also learn about the “Scientific Method”, so that students can use that process in an experiment with plants.

With April, the days have been a little warmer and of course a bit lighter later. Lacrosse, softball, and baseball are all in full swing, which makes for very busy afternoons and nights. Please be sure to try to keep a regular schedule as Miss Garcia and myself want well rested learners.

Since Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, April 21st, Miss Garcia and myself will not send home math homework on Thursday. Happy Easter!!

Anne Bloomfield
Shannon Garcia