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Week 28 in Second Grade

March 22, 2020 by Anne Bloomfield

                                                                                                      March 23, 2020

Dear Bighorn Parents,

As this blog is written, we are truly at a loss for words. Miss Garcia and myself sincerely hope all our families are doing well during this most unusual time. Because information is changing frequently, the purpose of this blog is to touch base with our families. Plus, it just feels normal to send out a blog at the beginning of the week and normal is a good feeling when so much around us is new.

Spring Break will be over shortly and class will soon be back in session; class will just look and feel a bit different. Thank you all for picking up work packets for your students. These are review skills because we were hoping that the school closure would be no more than 3 weeks. Obviously, we all know that this time has been extended and all timelines are subject to change as needed.

As has been previously communicated, Miss Garcia and myself will be in contact with all students at least a couple times a week. Although we are excited to reconnect with students this week and we are up for the new challenges that lie ahead; both Miss Garcia and myself look forward to the day we will be teaching in our actual classrooms. Please know that your patience is appreciated during this transition to “virtual learning”. If you have any questions before you hear from us via the phone this week please don’t hesitate to email us ( or

Anne Bloomfield
Shannon Garcia