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Week 27 in Second Grade

March 23, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

March 24, 2019

Dear Parents,

It’s the week before Spring Break, the students (and teachers too) are very excited about having a week off! Miss Garcia and myself hope everyone has a restful and safe vacation.

While 2nd Trimester Report Cards were sent out last week, Parent Conferences will be held on Friday, April 12th. A Sign-Up Genius link will be sent out by Tuesday. We are looking forward to having time with each family to discuss your child’s academic and social progress.

Mark Your Calendar…
The students in Mrs. Bloomfield’s class have enjoyed participating in Music with Mrs. Barton over the 3rd quarter. Friends and Family are invited to Room 17’s Musical Performance on Thursday, March 28th at 12:00 pm in the High School Hangout. Hope to see you there!!

In math, 2nd graders will continue working on telling time to the nearest 5 minutes. We have been working on telling time after the hour and before the hour. The time of 3:35 could be read the following ways…35 minutes after 3, 35 minutes past 3, 25 minutes before four, 25 minutes until 4, 25 minutes till 4, or 25 minutes to 4.

Students are also showing the time on an analog clock by drawing the hour and minute hands and determining whether the time should be label am or pm. We will assess on time on Wednesday. The rest of the week in math will be spent reviewing previously taught math concepts.

Students will be working on revising and editing their narrative, with a character that is a martian with 100 eyes. This writing was worked on last week and will continue into this week. Accompanying this writing will be a 100 Day poster that features a martian with 100 eyes. This writing will be up for you to enjoy when you come for Parent Conferences.

In language students will be working on using apostrophes correctly. They will be using them in contractions and possessive nouns.


I am do not they are
I’m don’t they’re
Possessive Nouns

The bone that belongs to the dog.

The dog’s bone was under the deck.

The pencil that belongs to the child.

The child’s pencil was broken.

Students will continue and complete their work with erosion this week. Students have learned about some of the causes of erosion–rain, wind, and gravity. This week students will explore a little more than as a group come up with a way to slow down or stop erosion.

Students participating in an Erosion Lab!

As was mentioned earlier in the blog, Miss Garcia and myself wish all our 2nd grade families the very best during our Spring Break. Have fun, get some rest, and be safe…we will see you all on Monday, April 8th!!

Anne Bloomfield
Miss Garcia