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Week 27!

March 9, 2020 by Brittany Wilbanks

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The time change was hard at our house! I hope we all adjust soon! This is our last week before spring break!


  • PLEASE label all coats, jackets, hats, and other winter accessories with your child’s first and last name.


  • Reading every night for 20 minutes  (This includes sight words and reading group books that are coming home each night. Please return the books each day with your child.)
  • Math fact sheet each night

Last week we:

  • Identified and practiced words with the long o (-one) pattern. 
  • Learned that root words are the basic part of a word. For example–happy is the root word in the word unhappy
  • Discussed and began to understand what a prefix and suffix are and how they change the meaning of a root word.
  • Continued to practice adding commas in the written date as well as when listing items in a series.  
  • Added transitions to our slideshow presentations and began practicing presenting them.
  • Began to learn about and started writing poetry, starting with acrostic poems and color poems. 
  • Enjoyed reading many Dr. Suess books to celebrate his birthday and Read Across America Week. 
  • Celebrated the 100th day of school with many fun activities!
  • Added and subtracted 1,2, or 3 from a two digit number (without regrouping) using strategies such as counting on or back.
  • Practiced making the next ten

This week we will:

  • Continue determining the root word of a word and assess on this standard.
  • Review that prefixes and suffixes change the meaning of words.
  • Continue to practice adding commas in the written date as well as when listing items in a series. 
  • Practice presenting our animal slideshows and wrap up this project by presenting to parents and other classes.
  • Author our own color poems, -ing poems, and “I like…” poems.
  • Continue to read more favorite books by Dr. Suess!
  • Take a word study assessment on -one words.
  • Add a two digit number to a one digit number by decomposing to make the next ten. Students have been working hard to decompose a one digit number to make a ten…this week we will be using that same concept and applying it when adding a two digit number to a one digit number.


  • 3/16/20 – Spring Break starts
  • 3/23/20 – Students return to school