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Week 26, March 2-5

February 29, 2020 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

Thank you for meeting with us on Friday during parent/teacher conferences!

4th Grade Math: This week we will be continuing our decimal unit. With decimals we want a solid foundation of the place and value of the tenths and the hundredths place. We will compare, order and find patterns with decimals. For extra practice with decimals your child could hop on IXL and do any of the T lessons for 4th grade math.

3rd Grade Math: This week we are wrapping up our fractions unit. I am so proud of these kiddos and how well they are thinking about fractions! We are really working to understand the size of fractions. Leaving 3rd grade I want them to easily recognize if a fraction is more or less than 1/2 or a whole. We avoid the tricks used to compare fractions because we want these kids to be able to reason about size. Whenever I talk about fractions I want them thinking about the size of the pieces, or looking at the bottom number and visualizing what that looks like. I love when I ask about 2 fractions, like 3/5 and 3/8 and the 3rd graders can answer with, “We know that fifths are bigger than eighths, so 3 pieces of fifths would be bigger!” or “5/6 is the bigger than 3/4 because both of these fractions are just one piece away from a whole and a sixth is a smaller piece which puts us closer to a whole!” Makes my heart smile every time. We will be testing on Wednesday, so we will be sending home a review sheet on Tuesday of this week. For additional practice with fractions, IXL W.15,20,21 X.1,5,8,9 Y.1,3,4,8,10,11,12

In projects, we have been studying the different forms of erosion and weathering. Last week students learned how erosion and weathering created the Grand Canyon, watched video clips of landslides and glaciers, in addition to researching the causes of erosion and how humans contribute to erosion. This week we will have hands on activities that demonstrate the different causes of erosion and how vegetation and soil conditions affect the erosion process. Please help your child review their Quizlet vocabulary words for their test on Wednesday

In writing last week, students took a pre assessment for informative writing. We reviewed the similarities and differences between all genres of writing, completed a game to help us identify what is/is not an informative essay, and set up our new informative writing notebooks. We will begin organizing our thoughts for our first masterpiece this week by brainstorming SPECIFIC topic ideas and reflecting on what personal goals we can set for our writing.  

On Monday 3/2, we will spend all afternoon in our classroom for a “Royal Reading.” Students will be asked to read aloud one opinion story that they composed last trimester while enjoying a tasty treat and relaxing with their peers. Your child worked hard last trimester and showed so much growth as writers and editors that we want to celebrate with them. Students are allowed to bring ONE small blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal to make our “Royal Reading” more comfortable.  


  • MONDAY 3/2- Royal Reading- Please read details above
  • 3/16-3/19- SPRING BREAK (school resumes 3/23)
  • Please remember to send both a morning and afternoon snack (in addition to lunch) with your child every day!
  • Please label hats, jackets, coats, and gloves with your child’s name in case they are misplaced.