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Week 25 with Mrs. Farley

March 10, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

Can y’all believe we only have 11 more weeks of school left?! This year has flown by and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my afternoons with your children.

Last week we completed our Physical Science unit with the study of electrical current and circuits. The kids enjoyed the lemon experiment and the visit from Mr. Farley, with NV Energy. Students enjoyed a wonderful presentation where they witnessed a live arcing demonstration and learned about electrical safety. Mr. Kelly also came to teach us about digital citizenship and internet safety. The Child Assault Prevention program was very informative and brought awareness to all of us on how to keep safe and protect ourselves. Thank you for allowing your child to participate. Please see pictures below from all of our presentations.

Our last unit of study in projects is Earth Science. We will begin this new trimester studying rocks and fossils. Students will be introduced to the basics of fossils, by learning about how fossils were formed and where they can be found. Wednesday we will be making our own fossils. Each student will be asked to bring a small (2-3 inches wide) item from home that they can use to make an impression and create their own fossil. We will also begin our study on rocks where students will learn how to identify and classify rocks.

In writing, we move from opinion to informative writing. We will spend this week understanding sentence fluency and conventions (correct capitalization/punctuation) and how to apply it to our informational essays (and all writing assignments for that matter). We will also start implementing practice prompts to help students prepare for the SBAC testing later this spring.

I hope y’all had a great weekend~ Mrs. Farley

Pictures of the Week

Mr. Farley (with NV Energy) explaining how a lemon conducts electricity and showing lemons in a series circuit
NV Energy- Electrical Safety
Arcing demonstration
Child Assault Prevention- demonstrating how to stand up to a bully
Mr. Kelly sharing with both 4th grade classes about digital citizenship