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Week 25-Rainforest

February 20, 2020 by Lauren Kelly

Hi all-

   I dropped the ball and forgot to get out this past week’s blog post. I guess having the extra day off for President’s Day had my brain on vacation! Lol So this blog post will be for this past week and for the coming week about the Rainforest. 

This past week our students learned about what are the general responsibilities of the United States President and how he comes into office every 4 years. Students learned he has a responsibility to pass laws, make a budget, give speeches, and lead our military. Students briefly learned about the White House, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Washington D.C. 

This coming week students will be comparing and contrasting the Desert to the Rainforest. The Rainforest has many layers within itself that students will learn provide shelter and food to many different animals. Additionally, students will learn about how the Rainforest gets so much more rainfall than the desert and what kinds of plants and animals thrive in it. 

 Students are full swing into their Desert Animals research projects. This past week the research groups collaborated together with me to read and find out where their animals live and what their habitat looks like. Then students began constructing their desert dioramas to represent their animal’s habitat. We have some very creative students who are making great looking desert dioramas. This coming week we will be researching each animal’s diet and possibly adaptations.  *Students will present their Desert Animal Reports and dioramas to parents here in Room 32 in about 3 weeks, so please be looking for a future date to come and see your child’s animal research project! 🙂

Parent Teacher Conferences are this coming Friday the 28th. If you have signed up for a conference, thank you! If you have not please click on the Sign-Up Genius email link and choose an available time slot to meet with me for 20 minutes. Students are always welcome to come and hear about their growth and areas of need. Homework: 20 minutes nightly- 10 minutes of reading books/poems, sight word practice and 10 minutes of math doing IXL or alternative math sheets.  **Please make sure you are signing off on your student’s homework sheet!