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Week 24 with Mrs. Farley

March 3, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

We had a fun filled and successful week studying heat transfer. After the students studied convection, radiation, and conduction, they designed and presented posters to demonstrate their knowledge. It is exciting to see how each student has made so much progress and improvement on their oral presentation skills! Everyone had fun with our hot chocolate experiment, thank you for sending metal spoons. Through this experiment, students learned that metal is the best conductor of heat and Styrofoam is an insulator. These terms and concepts will be practiced again this week as we study electric current and electrical circuits.

We have a week of exciting presentations scheduled. NV Energy will come Wednesday with a “model town” to discuss electric current and electric circuits, as well as a Q&A period. Also on Wednesday, advocates for Child Assault Prevention will come and speak to our class. This education and prevention program is designed to increase children’s safety from bullying, abuse and assault. Your child should have brought home a permission slip last week. This permission slip is from Mr. Lenon who has arranged for a guest speaker. The permission slip is unique in that it only needs to be filled out, signed, and returned if you do NOT want your child to participate. If you want your child to participate in the presentation, simply do nothing. We will conclude our week and guest speakers with Mr. Kelly, the Chief Technology Officer at Oasis Academy. He will share safe practices with the students about internet safety and digital citizenship.

We are ALL excited to conclude this semester and complete the opinion writing essays the students have been working so hard on. This week, your child will begin typing their rough draft, if they haven’t done so already. Students will make final revisions and edit their paper before they turn in a typed, final version by the end of the week. While the final essay is the major grade in writing for the trimester, I will also grade their rough draft and organizer as supporting documents. I have been taking participation grades through their contributions to class discussions and how well they have revised their paper after our one on one writing conferences.

As a reminder, this Thursday is the end of the trimester. All missing assignments must be turned in by Thursday afternoon. Students may be asked to stay in our room for lunch (or go to study hall during lunch) to complete any missing work. This includes assignments that scored a “1” and a makeup/re-do assignment is required. If you have any questions regarding your child attending study hall, please let me know.

Enjoy the pictures of our Heat Transfer Unit: