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Week 24 in Second Grade

March 3, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

March 4, 2019

Dear Parents,

March is here and spring will be upon us in a few short weeks. It looks as though our weather will be warmer but wet. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather conditions!

Students have really embraced adding using the partial sum strategy. We will start subtracting using the partial difference strategy. Students will be assessed on adding and subtracting within 100 and 1,000, with and without renaming this week.

   4 6 7400 + 60 + 7
2 9 8200 + 90 + 8
2 0 0        200 – 30 – 1
  – 3 0
1 7 0
     – 1
1 6 9
1. Show the minuend in expanded form.
2. Show the subtrahend in expanded form.
3. Subtract the hundreds, then the tens, and the ones.
4. Add the partial differences–200 – 30 – 1 = 169
5. Watch out for negative numbers!!

We will complete our work with expanding, combining, and rearranging simple and compound sentences this week.
Expanding Sentences
The dog slept.
The fuzzy dog slept on the back porch.
Rearranging Sentences
John has lacrosse practice tomorrow afternoon.
Tomorrow afternoon, John has lacrosse practice.
Combining Sentences (using conjunctions)
Mandy wanted to choose vanilla ice-cream.
She could not decide.
Mandy wanted to choose vanilla ice-cream, but she could not decide.

We are continuing to work on narrative writing. Meeting with students individually to edit and revise takes time. It has been such a joy to meet with students to individually, listen to the narratives, and Because we are working hard on editing and revising individually, we have been teaching mini lessons on various elements of narrative writing. These mini lessons have included strong endings and using transitions. Students are writing additional narratives and sharing them in “Story Circles”. Final drafts of narratives will be completed by the end of the week.

Students worked on locating various land forms and bodies of water on a map of Nevada. Again we used Google Maps to guide us. We ended the week with students working in a partnership to create a “blue print” of a relief map that included four land forms and four bodies of water. Students will be creating their relief maps using dough next week.

It’s hard to believe that the 2nd trimester comes to an end on Thursday. This year is flying by!! Wishing everyone a great week!!

Mrs. Bloomfield
Miss Garcia