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Week 24 in Second Grade

February 16, 2020 by Anne Bloomfield

February 18, 2020

Dear Parents,

Between Valentine’s Day and the long weekend for President’s Day, Miss Garcia and I hope everyone had a sweet weekend!!

Second Grade Mathematicians are busy working on measuring. This unit began last week and continue this week and the following week. This week students will work on measuring using the metric system. We will be learning about meters and centimeters as units of measurement. Students will practice estimating and measuring classroom items.
Last week we finished up our work with apostrophes in contractions and possessive nouns. This week students will learn about commas. In 1st grade students use commas in dates and to separate items in a list. We will be reviewing commas used in dates and to separate items in a list. We will then move on to the 2nd grade standard of using commas in the greeting and closing of letters.
We are continuing to work on narrative writing. Students completed the rough draft of their narrative beginning. We are focusing on adding details that include strong character actions, thoughts, and feelings. This week we will work on the rough draft of the middle and endings of our narratives.
Students having been busy researching their landmarks and they are learning so much. This week students will start typing up their information to get ready to start assembling their tri-fold board. We will be packing a lot into this short week!!

It’s hard to believe that the 2nd trimester comes to an end on Thursday. This year is flying by!! Wishing everyone a great week!!

Mrs. Bloomfield
Miss Garcia