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Week 24 – 3/4

March 4, 2019 by Jami Rowlett

Hello First Grade Families,

It is hard to believe the end of our 2nd trimester is on Wednesday.  We will have parent teacher conferences in April, so please be on the lookout for the sign up, which I will send in a few weeks.

Reminders/Important information:

  • Pick-up at the walk-up gate-  We have a new procedure in place at the walk-up gate.  The students are required to sit or stand at the wall until their name is called by Miss Morrison.  We ask that the parents form a line outside the gate to make the process quicker and easier for everyone.  This new procedure is for the safety of the students and we thank you for your patience. The drive up line procedure is staying the same.

Last week in first grade:

  • We practiced figuring out who is telling the story.
  • We wrote complex sentences using conjunctions.
  • We wrote to compare and contrast Washington and Lincoln.
  • We worked on our nonfiction animal projects.  We finished our research and started the first step to create our slideshows.

This week in first grade:

  • We will learn our new spelling pattern -ide.  If I can spell ride, I can spell pride.
  • We will practice expanding simple sentences into complex sentences.
  • We will continue to explore who is telling the story and point of view.
  • We will add more to our nonfiction animal slideshows, including our research and pictures.

A Math Message from Miss Garcia
The first graders continue to work on addition strategies to 100 by using 2 strategies — partial sums and branch addition.

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rowlett & Miss Garcia