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Week 23

February 2, 2020 by Eric Grimes

Candy-Grams – Starting this week, February 3rd – 12th, 3-12 students may purchase Candy-Grams for .50 in the cafeteria from 12-1pm. No purchases in the front office or classrooms.

Ancient World History: Last week we had a quiz covering all of Chapter 6 over the Roman Empire. The students wanted multiple choice because they claimed it was easy. I told them to be careful what they wished for! Quiz corrections can be made this week in Blocks 5 & 6. This week we will finish Chapter 9 and jump to Chapter 13. Towards the end of February I will assign the next project.

Government and Economics: Our “Meme It” project was a HUGE success and I am very proud of the students for creating some dark yet funny memes on the historical figure from their research paper. Last week we finished Unit 4 on Thursday and will do a rousing game of Trash Ball on Monday to review for our Unit 4 Quiz on Tuesday. We will continue on to Unit 5 this week as well.

Mock Trial – Some of you may know our We the People program changed at the start of the second semester to Mock Trial. We are learning trial procedures, creating a trial folder, direct and cross examinations, evidence requirements, etc. I hope to have a mock trial in an actual court room as a final for the students. The students were split this last week into their respective roles: prosecution or defense and a judge.