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Week 23- Desert Adaptations

February 7, 2020 by Timbra Vaughn

This week, we continue to study the desert habitat with more of a focus on adaptations. We have great nonfiction books to help us do this! We will continue to practice sharing facts from our reading. We will also be making comparisons and connections between texts about the same topic.

In math, we continue to firm up the important concept of teen numbers as 10 and some more.

Our Research Project continues with us diving deeper into our group texts. This week will begin with a focus on their animal’s habitat, including both the living and nonliving things found there.

Please plan to purchase or make valentines cards for your child to share.  There is no need to address the Valentine to any child, just have your child sign the from section and they can pass them out without trying to match names. If they want to write something in the “To:” spot, please have them write friend, pal, or buddy. The children will be decorating bags to collect valentines here at school. Thank you for your help!



10 minutes each night. 

Reading should include a variety of the following activities

– reading stories (your child should at times be the reader and at other times be the listener)

– reading the poems in the binder

– working on alphabet sounds and letter names (students have mastered sounds and names should be shifting this practice time to noticing these within their own reading and writing)

– sight word games/practice.


10 minutes each night.

This week, any objectives in the D section would be great ones to spend time on.

Your child can explore any other objectives they are interested in. Reviewing and increasing fluency in any previous skill sections is also a good use of their time. Remember, real world practice of these skills is also great for building up their foundational skills.