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Week 23

February 10, 2020 by Mandy Helwig

5th Grade Math – We continue our Decimals Unit this week. We will be adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals this week. Ask your child the most important thing to remember when adding and subtracting decimals? (They might sing you a song.)

6th Grade Math – We are reviewing all of our algebra skills this week and will have a test on Wednesday! They will have a Practice Test that can be used as a study guide!

6th Grade Projects – Monday is our museum trip to learn about how to put together a museum display. We will learn about Ancient Egypt and Ancient Israel this week. Students will continue to conduct research for their museum display, and hopefully next week we will begin building artifacts! Your student will bring home a project supply list on Tuesday, but it should mostly be things from around the house, like cardboard, aluminum foil. We have plenty of clay and tri-fold boards in the classroom.