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Week 23 2/10/20

February 9, 2020 by Jami Rowlett

Dear First Grade Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.


  • PLEASE label all coats, jackets, hats, and other winter accessories with your child’s first and last name.


  • Reading every night for 20 minutes  (This includes sight words and reading group books that are coming home each night. Please return the books each day with your child.)
  • Math fact sheet each night

Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year we will not be having a Valentines celebration in class. However, if your child would like to bring cards to share with the class on Thursday that would be great. We will pass them out at the end of the day and the 1st graders can open them on Friday.  Please be sure to include 24 and make sure to only write who they are from (this streamlines the passing out process).

Last week we:

  • Identified and practiced words with the long a (ate) pattern.  We also added three sight words to our practice: was, are, saw  
  • Practiced making singular nouns plural.
  • Used conjunctions to make complex and compound sentences. 
  • Completed a story map on a fiction story.
  • Continued practicing non fiction text features.  
  • Began to research an animal with a partner and make a slideshow to share our information.
  • Reviewed ordering numbers to 20.
  • Took an assessment on adding and subtracting within 20. 

This week we will:

  • Continue using conjunctions to combine simple sentences into complex sentences.
  • Determine the main topic of a text and identify supporting details.
  • Ask and answer questions after listening to a read aloud. 
  • Take a word study assessment on -ate words and also was, saw, and are.
  • Compare and contrast two non-fiction texts with the same topic. 
  • Begin creating animal slideshows using the information we gained last week through our research.
  • Determine the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end after listening to a story that was read aloud.
  • Count and order numbers to 40. 
  • Represent a two digit number in tens and ones


  • 2/17/20- President’s Day-No School
  • 2/20/20 – End of the 2nd Trimester
  • 2/28/20 – Parent Teacher Conferences

Have a great week and a Happy Valentines Day!!!