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Week 22 February 19, 2019

February 18, 2019 by Jami Rowlett

Happy Presidents Day!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend, snow and all!!!

All the first graders had a great time celebrating Valentines day. Thank you for making their day special and for all the wonderful goodies you brought from me. We have a busy week this short week. The FFA kids are coming to share a story with us and then we will get to see all their animals on Thursday. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. This is always such a fun event.

Last week was a crazy weather week which resulted in a couple days of indoor recess time. However we managed to get a lot of learning in and some fun. These are the things we did last week….

  • We practiced finding and using adjectives in sentences.
  • We learned about conjunctions and how to use them to write complex sentences.
  • We wrote about what makes our hearts feel full.  (Check out the bulletin board in the hallway to see what makes our hearts full.)
  • We learned about the life cycle of a polar bear.
  • We shared our penguin books with Mrs. Jackson’s class, and then wrote about the similarities and differences between polar bears and penguins.

This week we will be busy..

  • We will learn the spelling pattern -ate.  If I can spell gate, I can spell grate.
  • We will use conjunctions to write complex sentences.
  • We will learn about the job of the president and write…If I were president…
  • We will learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, create a venn diagram about them, and then write about which president we like best.
  • We will begin working on our nonfiction animal partner project.

Math News from Miss Garcia

The first grade students will work on telling find 1 more, 1 less and 10 more, 10 less than a given number.  These skills can be practiced at home on a 100 chart. We will also begin to add 2 numbers together by using Branching.

Branch Addition

15   + 21 =

↙↘ ↙↘

10  5 + 20  1

(10 +20) + (5+1) =

   30    + 6   = 36

Have a great week!!!