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Week 22, Feb. 3-6

February 2, 2020 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

4th Grade Math: We finished up our adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions unit this past week. This week we are starting a 2 week unit on measurement. We will convert, add and subtract, multiply and work with fractions of measurement in this unit. This is a great topic to talk about at home. Anytime you are working with measurement around the house or on the road, take time to chat about it with your child. We’re covering length/distance, mass/weight, liquid capacity and time throughout this unit. I continue to encourage students to hop on Khan Academy whenever they can!

3rd Grade Math: Last week we finished up our multi-digit multiplication and making sense of division unit. These 3rd graders have worked hard on their multiplication skills this year and I am proud of their performance. This week we move on to fractions. We will be exploring all of the ways to show fractions, identifying benchmark fractions, and comparing fractions with like denominators and numerators this week. This is a great topic to chat about at home while cooking, building or even just playing around the house. IXLs that match this week’s instruction are W.1-W.8. I continue to encourage students to hop on Khan Academy when they can. This is a great resource to help promote math proficiency.

In writing, students have completed their first masterpiece for opinion writing! I will meet with students this week to review their grade, the strengths they exhibited and the challenges we can work through together. We didn’t waste any time picking a new topic for our second opinion masterpiece and reviewing writing strategies for having a strong opinion statement. This week students will continue drafting their second masterpiece and rehearse their story with a peer. 

In projects, students have worked hard to research and create their natural resource slideshows. We will have one group left to present their slideshow, and then I will post pictures of our beautiful and handsome improving public speakers. This week students will be introduced to natural earth’s processes and their impact on humans. As always, we will have vocabulary words that follow our unit of study. PLEASE make time, just a few minutes each night, to review these words with your child. I can always tell the students that practice outside of the classroom and their grade reflects the extra study time. Any student who scores a “1” on the vocabulary test will be given the opportunity to come to study hall and retake the test to improve their grade. Please help me help your child succeed! Also this week, students will be exposed to both the scientific method and engineering method and use their learned problem solving skills to create an earthquake proof structure. This activity is planned for Thursday, and your child is allowed to bring a Lego person to put inside their house. It will be returned Thursday. 

Also this week, we will be visited by the Churchill County District Attorney’s office. They will present “Goldilocks, Trial of the Century” to students and introduce them to the key players of the legal system. 


  • Candy gram sales- start Monday and run through Wednesday, February 12th. Students in grades 3-12 can purchase a candy gram in the cafeteria during lunch for from .50 a piece  
  • Feb. 20th- end of the 2nd Trimester. Students may be asked to stay in study hall during their lunch period to complete any assignments they are missing
  • Feb 28th- Parent/ Teacher Conferences- If you have questions concerning your child’s academic performance, please don’t wait until this conference. Please contact us immediately