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Week 21- Dassies

January 27, 2020 by Miss Morrison

Our learning this week will center around dassies. We will read both a nonfiction text and the story The Three Little Dassies by Jan Brett. You may be wondering what dassies are. They are small mammals, also known as rock hyrax, that live mostly in Africa. They are interesting and adorable and they will be helping your child strengthen their comprehension and discussion skills.

We will be writing reports about dassies this week. Our pages will include information about their habitat, diet, adaptations, and fun facts.

Our Desert Habitat research project is just around the corner (we will be beginning next week). If you haven’t already, please send in a small/regular shoe box (please no extra large/boot type) if you are able. If you have an extra you don’t mind sending in, it is always appreciated as not everyone is able to send a shoe box in. As of right now, I have only received about 12 boxes. We will also need sandpaper, green and blue felt, and rocks. This is going to be a project we will be working on for about 2 months! Although we are starting the project next week, we need to pick our desert animal and start researching and learning about it before we eventually do start the dioramas in the shoe box. So, you do not NEED all these materials by next week but I want to put it on your radar to start collecting these items. We will probably start building the dioramas and will need all the materials by the week of February 17th or 24th.

In math we will be continuing our unit focus on teen numbers. Developing the understanding of these numbers as “10 and some more” is foundational to strong number sense and can be a bit tricky (also some of the names are just weird so continued reinforcement can be very beneficial for our Kindergartners).



10 minutes each night. 

Reading should include a variety of the following activities

– reading stories (your child should at times be the reader and at other times be the listener)

– reading the poems in the binder

– working on alphabet sounds and letter names (students have mastered sounds and names should be shifting this practice time to noticing these within their own reading and writing)

– sight word games/practice.


10 minutes each night.

This week, any objectives in the D section would be great ones to spend time on.

Your child can explore any other objectives they are interested in. Reviewing and increasing fluency in any previous skill sections is also a good use of their time. Remember, real world practice of these skills is also great for building up their foundational skills.