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Week 20-Martin Luther King Jr.

January 22, 2020 by Lauren Kelly

Welcome to week 20 of kindergarten!

   I hope you enjoyed you the extra day off this week to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Our students will be introduced to Martin Luther King Jr. and the beliefs he had and shared with the world. Students will discuss and write about how they can make their school, home, and community a better place for all. We will read books about Martin’s life, his actions, and what beliefs he wanted for all people. 

We will do a perseverance activity whole class around the Oasis campus. Students will be sent on a scavenger hunt with Ms. Kelly that will take us back and forth from one end of the school to the other several times. As we are walking back and forth, back and forth Ms. Kelly will talk with the students how it’s frustrating that we are being sent back to the other side of the school that we were just at a bit ago. Ms. Kelly will ask the class if they should just give up? A discussion will be held on how to problem solve and persevere during times of disappointment or frustration. 

Our new unit for math this week is introducing students to the numbers 10-19. Students will need to be able to read, write, produce, and understand the place value for each teen number. This will be a 3 week unit. Alternative homework on the teen numbers will be sent home for the next weeks. You can have your child do one page of the alternative homework, instead of doing IXL.

HOMEWORK: 10 minutes of math-1 page or IXL. 10 minutes of reading-sight word practice, read paper books, read poems in binder, or any books of your child’s choice.

NEED: We are in need of 24 shoe boxes for our upcoming Desert Animal PBL unit. Please start sending in any shoes boxes you have! Your child needs at least 1 for their own project. We are looking for standard size boxes. No boot boxes that are long or tiny baby shoes boxes please. 🙂

MAPS testing report: All kindergartners completed the Reading MAPS assessment last week for winter 2019. It was a 44 question computer test that measured how well each kindergarten student is doing so far this school year in their english language arts and math skills. They will take the assessment again in the spring to compare growth. Students were presented things they have been taught, as well as things we have not yet learned. To be considered at grade level students need to have scored a RIT score of 151 or more. So please take the scores and percentages your child has received with a grain of salt. Remember this was the first computerized assessment your 5 or 6 year old has ever taken by themselves. I will reference the scores for teaching purposes, but will not for report card purposes.

BOOK ORDERS: The book order got lost you guys! I had a classroom instructional assistant from another classroom prep them up and she stuck them somewhere I couldn’t find them. Lol I finally got her back in to show me where she had placed them. So we will try sending home book order again. The due date will be February 3rd. Thank you for your patience!