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Week 20 in Second Grade

February 3, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

February 4, 2019

Dear Bighorn Families,

A GIGANTIC thank you to all that were able to come to 2nd Grade Landmark Projects last Tuesday! Students did a fantastic job researching and presenting information on their Landmark!!

Miss Garcia and myself can’t believe we just changed the calendar pieces from January to February!! How can we be done with the first calendar month of the year???

In math, 2nd grade students have been working very hard using previously learned strategies (open number line-last week and branch models-this week) renaming the ones and tens to add and subtract within one thousand. This work involves a lot of decomposing and composing of numbers. This is very challenging work, when homework comes home please help students as needed. We have examples below and usually have an example on the worksheet to guide you. While the work may seem challenging now, you will be surprised at how quickly the students become experts.
Examples for this week…
Renaming the ones

     606   +   145 =
↙ ↓ ↘      ↙ ↓ ↘
600 0 6  100 40 5
(600 + 100) + (0 + 40) + (6 + 5)
700 + 40 + 11
↙ ↘
10   1
700 + 50 + 1 = 751
1. Decompose addends by place value.
2. Group hundreds. Group tens. Group ones.
3. Add hundreds. Add tens. Add ones.
4. Decompose the ones place to rename.
5. Write and solve renamed equation.

Renaming the tens.

     256   +   371 =
↙  ↓  ↘     ↙  ↓  ↘
200 50  6  300 70 1
(200 + 300) + (50 + 70) + (6 + 1)
↙ ↘
50  20
500 + 120 + 7
↙ ↘
100   20
600 + 20 + 7 = 627
1. Decompose addends by place value.
2. Group hundreds. Group tens. Group ones.
3. Add hundreds. Add tens. Add ones
4. Decompose the tens place to rename.
5. Decompose the tens place to rename hundreds place.
6. Write and solve renamed equation.

Our work with pronouns will continue into this week. Between missing a day of last week due to needing some extra time to practice presenting our projects and having some difficulty with possessive nouns; our work on pronouns will move into this week.
Second grade writers are working on personal narratives! Students have made lists of possible personal narrative topics and listened to some personal narratives. This week 2nd grade writers will spend some time filling out a narrative note taker as a pre-writing exercise and using that information to write a rough draft. Students have listed some very interesting topics. These personal narratives are bound to be great!!
Our new project is focusing on the area Earth’s Systems Processes that Shape the Earth. Students will be looking at and defining various bodies of water and land forms that make up the Earth. Much of this work will be done via a “virtual field trip” using Google Earth.
Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is coming up on Thursday, February 14th. Since this holiday falls on a school day, the 2nd grade team will enjoy a few activities at the end of the day. Our plan is to have students pass out Valentines (please be sure that your child sends one to everyone), play Valentine Bingo, and share appreciations. Miss Garcia and myself wish to have the children enjoy the holiday with our students in a very simple manner.

Wishing you all a great week!

Mrs. Bloomfield and Miss Garcia