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Week 2: Sharing

August 25, 2019 by Lauren Kelly

Welcome to week 2 in Kindergarten!

This week we will start getting into our daily schedule and routines. Last week, we did more procedures and routines, then set blocks of subject specific instruction. This week we will start our ELA block called Daily 5. However, in kindergarten we will do Daily 2 and then Daily 3 as our student’s attention spans develop for longer periods of time. Students will work on the following Daily 5 areas of study: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work (Sight Word practice), Work on Writing, and Listen to Reading. Additionally, students will come meet with me every other day for Guided Reading group where we will learn phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and reading comprehension strategies. Students will be coming home with a paper book every Thursday that they should know how to read! We will practice reading the book every day until it is mastered. Please look for this book in their clear-colored pocket folder in their white binders and take it home to create a home reading library that your child can read independently or to you.

We have adopted a new mathematics instruction program, called Dimensions that developed from Singapore Math concepts. The first chapter concept is on Matching, Sorting, and Classifying. There will be a Letter Home #1 inside of your child’s red home folder in their binder in the Keep at Home side. Please read through this letter home as it will give you a better picture of what we will be teaching and learning about with your student for the next 2 weeks. In the letter, there is a suggestion to donate buttons to our classroom. This is completely voluntary and not a must! 🙂

Students need to bring for this Wednesday’s math lesson: If possible, please send your student with 1 textured item that will fit into their backpack. We will be comparing how things feel to group them into similar categories. (e.g. items can be things that are smooth, rough, bumpy, spiky, or soft.) Don’t overthink this! Anything will work and should not be anything of importance or high-value. Students will be bringing their items back home on Wednesday after the lesson!

Donations needed for STEAM exploration next Thursday the September 5th: We are looking for any textured materials for students to use to make ramps. Students will be building ramps and then placing textures on them to see how it affects the speed of their boxcars. -Need 12 to 15 toy/boxcars. Some people call me match cars too. 🙂 -Swatches of cloth of any type, color, or texture -Cardboard boxes any size or shape -sandpaper -carpet samples – foil (1 roll) -Any other materials you think students could put on ramps that is textured.

*All of the materials can be used or recyclable materials for our students to build with. It does not have to be new, but clean. Thank you for your help in our first STEAM exploration.

In Phonemic Awareness this week we will be looking at the letter sounds D, L, and U. Attached here is a video of the ZooPhonics movement and chant for each letter. Additionally, we will learn the sight words I, can, & me. In the video I will show you what the sign is for each sight word in American Sign Language. Connecting new words or vocabulary to a bodily-kinesthetic movement helps students to remember it better. Here is the vido link: ***Quick edit note: In my video you will see that for the sight word me, I demonstrated that we will have the students sign the letter m and then point to themselves. The sign I showed you is wrong! It should be the thumb between the ring and pinkie finger, not between the pointer and middle fingers which would be for the letter T. Lol

Homework this week: 20 minutes nightly-10 minutes of reading or letter sounds practice & 10 minutes of IXl or sorting items practice. Here is the link for IXL. Link to Oasis IXL website: -**For IXL, students are welcome to practice any of the Q modules: Sorting, ordering, or classifying modules.

Last thing, please make sure you are going through your child’s backpack and folder each night. They will have new stuff to show you, papers I might need filled out and returned, or work/materials you will need to take out each night.