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Week 2 in First Grade

August 25, 2019 by Sara Peixoto

Dear 1st Grade Families, 


We had a great first week of first grade!  The students did a wonderful job learning routines and procedures.  We’re excited to dive into more learning this week! 



  • Label all your child’s personal belongings (jackets, lunchbox, headphones, water bottles).
  • Send a water bottle with your child.
  • Send a morning snack in an outside pocket of your child’s backpack.
  • Complete the papers in your child’s binder and return to school if you haven’t done so already.
  • Please subscribe to our classroom blog if you have not yet. 
  • Please send in headphones for your child.  We will use them for testing and then in reading throughout the year. 


-Students will only have reading and math homework on Monday night since we are MAPs testing next week!

Please make sure homework does NOT take longer than 20 minutes for reading and 10 minutes for math.  If this occurs, please just send an email or note, letting me know.



  • Learned all the procedures for our classroom. 
  • Wrote about the best pet. 
  • Chose GOOD FIT books for our book boxes
  • Reviewed all the vowels.
  • Listened to some great stories about Attentive Listening
  • Participated in some fun TRIBES activities including building a bridge that would hold 20 bears and also a team building “Starburst” activity!
  • Reviewed counting to 10 and number words to ten.



  • Practice classroom procedures
  • Continue to work on our TRIBES agreements
  • Choose good fit books
  • Build stamina when reading to self
  • Start our project — Introduce a TRIBE mate
  • Count on or back
  • Find one more/one less than a number within 10
  • Arrange numbers 1-10 in order
  • Determine missing numbers within a counting sequence

MAP testing will be this week on Tuesday and Wednesday! Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and eats a good breakfast.