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Week 2

August 26, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

We had a great first week of 4th grade, and I hope your child agrees! We learned A LOT of new procedures, rules, and expectations by playing games, using TRIBES activities, and team building skills. We only got through a few of our white “All about me” bags, so if your child brought something home from them over the weekend, I ask that they bring them back on Monday so we can complete this fun activity. Mr. Lenon our school counselor came to talk to students about SafeVoice and we all shared in a great conversation about keeping our school and each other safe.

In math we will study numbers using the standard, word and expanded form of a number up to the millions.  We will discuss how a digit’s place tells us what the digit’s value is. We will be comparing numbers and finding number patterns as we increase and decrease by the 10’s, 100s and 1,000+.
If you’re looking for some added IXL practice at home, the following lessons match up nicely with what we’re doing in class:  IXL A.1 – A.15. All of the students’ logins are either their first then last name (all lowercase) followed by a 233, or their first initial then last name and 233.  Everyone’s password in 4th grade is sor18.
In writing this week, students will submit a writing sample so I can get to know them and to learn about their writing abilities. The sample will be used to help me know how to help them to become the very best writers that they can be.  Students will also  put together their writing notebooks that will be used for this entire personal narrative unit and learn how personal narrative writing is different than other kinds of writing.
In projects, we will begin our first social studies unit “Who would move to Nevada?” Our class will spend time learning the state symbols and learning (and practicing) how to be a good note taker. We will introduce Nevada history and early Nevada settlers through online research, fun games, and listen to a surprise guest speaker. For this social studies project students will be assigned new project groups where they will research an assigned group of Nevada settlers.
– to send 2 snacks (in addition to your child’s lunch) each day. They have a morning snack at 9:45 and afternoon snack about 2:30. 
-to write your child’s name on their backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, and jackets so we may return it to the appropriate student if it is lost
– Monday, August 26 at both 8:00-8:30 a.m. and 5:15-5:45 p.m. -“I’m All Ears – OA Parents Asking Questions”. Parents can bring any question to the table and get accurate answers from school leadership. If you have a specific question about our classroom or an assignment, please ask me directly. This is a forum for school wide questions.  
– Monday, September 2- LABOR DAY- No school