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Week 19, Jan. 13-16

January 12, 2020 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

We had a great first week back and smoothly transitioned back into our schedule and routines.

3rd and 4th Grade Math:  We had a great first week back in math.  In 4th grade we attacked adding and subtracting related fractions  with success!  3rd grade continues to work on multiplication and division.  This week we also talked about our upcoming Math MAPS this WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15.  This is our midyear check in to make sure each student is growing and on track.   We have set a goal to reach 300 or more growth points as an entire 4th grade.  If we can do this, we will have a game night (in the morning) with a popcorn bar.  The students seemed to be excited to work toward this goal.  

I met with each student individually this past week and we discussed each student’s goal and how we can be at our best on Wednesday, January 15.  Some of the students thought about hopping on Khan Academy this weekend to work on their individual learning plans.  This is not mandatory, just something some of them wanted to do.  I also encourage all of you to make sure your student is getting adequate sleep over the next week as well as a nutritious start to each day. Next Wednesday would be a great day to bust out the eggs and bacon for breakfast! 

They have already put in all the hard work.  Now it’s time for them to show us how much they have grown.  I will be getting in touch with each of you in the weeks to come regarding your student’s progress on MAPS.  Thank you so much for your support during testing windows.  

In writing, students learned how to write opinion pieces with an intended audience and choose examples to support their opinions based on that audience. Students also learned how to mention the opposing view and then argue why that view is wrong to make their opinion reasons even stronger. As a class, we are getting a lot of practice on strengthening the reasons in our writing by using appropriate examples to support those reasons. We are nearly finished with our first masterpiece. I will meet with students this week for final revisions and they will begin publishing their essay!

In projects, students were introduced to our fossils unit. They were able to research how fossils are formed and what categories fossils fall into. Students participated in a fun project where they learned about trace, mold, cast, and true form fossils and then created a poster with those descriptions and different fossil forms created out of clay. This was an individual project that the kids really got into and worked well on. (See pictures below of fossil project.) We will be introducing our rocks unit this next week with a review of vocabulary and a fun project at the end of the week.

I’d like to thank you for your support with the new pick up system. There are a few kinks to work out, but overall this has been a smooth process. We are off to a great new year!


  • Thursday, January 16- Rock/Fossil Vocabulary Quiz
  • January 20th- NO SCHOOL- MLK Day
  • February 20th- Trimester 2 ends
  • February 28- Parent/Teacher Conferences