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Week 18-The Mitten

January 6, 2020 by Lauren Kelly

Welcome back from winter break everyone!

Today was seriously such a great first day back from break. The kiddos sweet faces made getting back on my regular routine worth it. 🙂 The students were  excited to see me and their peers. Students had a fun community circle share this morning letting us all know what they did for their winter break. I heard a lot about sledding/snowboarding adventures, visiting family, and what they did on New Year’s Eve. I hope you all had a fun filled, relaxing break. I know I sure did. 

We will review the first day or two back to get all the students brains back into working and learning for 5 hours each day. Then we will get right back into it. The theme for this week will be the story, The Mitten by Jan Brett. It is such a cute fictional story full of forest animals trying to stay warm in a boy’s lost mitten. The writing focus will be non-fiction on foxes. The Project Based Learning (PBL) for this trimester will be a Desert animal report. We will start doing more non-fiction writing using factual evidence in the next coming weeks.

For math we will finish unit 5 on comparing through length, height, and the capacity of things. Students need to be using the language of: shorter than, taller than, shortest, taller, tallest, longer than, short, long, longer, longest, light, heavy, lighter, lightest, heavier, heaviest, lighter than, & heavier than. *You can practice using this vocabulary by comparing items within your home! 

HOMEWORK: 20 minutes each night please! 10 minutes of reading/practicing paper books, poems, or sight words. 10 minutes of math practice on IXL or 1 page from alternative math packet. **If your student did not complete the “Winter” packet, they can do any of those pages too!

BOOK ORDERS: 2 new book orders will be sent home with students in their binders this week. Our class code is on the back and it is TPPWL. They will be due by Thursday, January 17th. 

STATE TESTING: Next week our kinder students will be taking the state mandated MAPS assessments for English Language Arts and Math on chromebooks during 2 separate sessions. As a school, we are working to encourage all of the students to put forth their best effort when taking these tests. Each student in our kinder classrooms will have the chance to earn an ice cream sundae by showing that they took their time and did their best effort. This is an incentive and must be earned. We will enjoy our earned sundaes on Tuesday the 21st. Our class will complete our MAPS assessments on Wednesday and Thursday morning starting at 8:20 a.m.