Week 17- Polar Bears

January 14, 2019 by Miss Morrison

Our class will be taking the MAPS assessment on Tuesday morning. We want the students to do their best, but this is not something I want to create stress about. Standardized assessments provide valuable information for driving instruction, but we also have to keep in mind the mode of assessment and that this is only one source of information about how your child is growing and learning. Tuesday volunteers- our schedule will be a bit different because of testing, but you are absolutely welcome to come at your regular time and help us with writing.

This week we will be reading a nonfiction book about polar bears. We will also be reading another book by our focus author, Jan Brett-The Three Snow Bears. This is a version of the familiar 3 Bears story that is set in the Arctic. We will continue practicing making connections and comparisons between texts.

This week, our nonfiction writing expands to include more specific details as we gather and sort facts by subgroups. This is helping lay the foundation for understanding “main idea”. 

In math, we wrap our unit on measurement this week.

We are expanding our Habits of Discussion to include a focus on really building on what others are saying. Here are some sentence starters that you can model using and encourage your child to use:

* I agree…

* I disagree…

* That makes me think about…

* I wonder…

* Tell me more about…

We will soon be beginning our Desert Animal Research Project which involves the students making a diorama in addition to a written report. Each child will need a small/regular shoe box (please no extra large/boot type). If you have an extra you don’t mind sending in, it is always appreciated as not everyone is able to send a shoe box in. We will also need sandpaper, fake leafy plants (the smaller the leaves the better), and rocks.

We have a special event coming up this week and I really hope to see you there!

Parent Reading Night!

When: Tuesday, January 15th from 5:30 to 6:30

Where: Our classroom

Who: Adults only

Why: To hear some tips, tricks, and grade level guidelines about reading and writing.

You will get to hear specific Secret Stories.

You will also have the opportunity to make your own set of Bang Sticks (a fun sight word game)!

If able, please bring a clean, non-sharp edged soup can with you. I have some, but not a whole class set.

Thank you to those who have sent in extras to share!



10 minutes each night. Reading can include reading stories, the poems in the binder, and sight words.


Remember, math should be done for 10 minutes each night.

Optional IXL objectives:

Monday-S.4 Holds more or less

Tuesday- Come to Reading Night! If you are unable to attend, your child many review any skill you think may be beneficial.

Wednesday-S.5 Compare size, weight, and capacity

Thursday-S.6 Measure using objects