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Week 17 in Second Grade

January 13, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

January 14, 2019

Dear Parents,

Our first week back was busy!! It was exciting to hear about everyone’s Winter Break adventures. Overall our 2nd graders did a lot of traveling Utah, California, and Oregon. Whether students traveled or stayed local everyone had a good break and came back ready to learn.

We started the new year out with our Geometry Unit.  Students have been learning about common 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes. We have been looking for the shapes in “real life” objects and sorting them by sides, angles, faces, edges, and vertices. Our work in Geometry will finish this week with an assessment on Thursday.
Miss Garcia and myself are also pleased to announce that students completed Math MAPs testing last Tuesday. We will share these results with you when we meet for 2nd Trimester, Parent Teacher Conferences at the end of March.
The students completed a very short but technology filled writing assignment using the acronym JOY. The J stands for something the student just did, the O stands for one thing the student wants to improve in during 2019, and the Y stands for something special about you. Students spent time talking and sharing their responses to the 3 statements. They then wrote a rough draft on paper. Students also worked on final copies on the computer. This week students will be presenting their JOY to the class for an oral language grade.
In language students reviewed and assessed on compound words. Students have worked hard to determine the difference between compound words and multi-syllabic words. They also spent time working on defining compound words using the words from within the compound word.
This week students will be working on words that need to be capitalized. We will be using the acronym MINTS (Months, days, and holidays, I the pronoun, Names of special people places, and things, Titles, and Start of every sentence).
Students are still working on their Landmark Research Project. All project groups have started their slide show, but will not be ready to present this week. Work on group slide shows will continue this week. Towards the end of the week, students will busy practicing their presentation. We will set up a presentation time for late next week. Thank you for your patience with our presentation schedule.

Miss Garcia and I hope everyone is getting back into their regular routines and had a relaxing weekend. As always, looking forward to another wonderful week in Second Grade.

Anne Bloomfield
Miss Garcia