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Week 17 in 2nd Grade

December 15, 2019 by Anne Bloomfield

December 16, 2019

Dear Second Grade Families,

We are down to the last 4 days before Christmas Break!! I know that everybody has busy households as we finish all our Christmas preparations, yet stay caught up with our day to day activities. Easier said than done–but try very hard to enjoy some peace within this busy time of year.

MAPs Testing
Last week students took the math and reading MAPs Test. On the Math MAPs test we had some glitches and inadvertently administered the K – 2 test rather than the 2 – 5 test. In order to show student growth the students need to take the same test that was given in the fall; so all second grade students will take the math MAPs Test (2-5) on Monday. For the inconvenience to the students, we will be planning a special Christmas project for next week.
In math this week, we will be working on the partial sum and partial difference strategy in addition and subtraction. This strategy will be used with 2 and 3 digit numbers all without regrouping.
We will finish our work with compound words this week and test on Wednesday. The rest of the week in language will reviewing previously worked on standards.
Students have been busy working on their explanatory writing “how to” texts. They have come up with very creative “how to” topics including how to trap Santa, how to build an igloo, and how to make Christmas cookies.
Students are putting their finishing touches on their Matter Slideshow Presentations. Each group will present to our class on the big screen Vizio Board and present on their Chromebooks to the 1st grade class. We will finish out the week with a STEM project that involves planning, designing, and creating a final product.
Christmas Party
Our Christmas party will be on Thursday, December 19th from 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm. Thank you to everyone who has signed up; your time, talent, and donations to our party is truly appreciated!!

As we close out the year 2019, we’re wishing all Second Grade Families a wonderful, restful, and safe holiday season!

Anne Bloomfield
Shannon Garcia