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Week 16

December 8, 2019 by Shannon Garcia

     December 9, 2019

Dear Parents,

It was a great week back from Thanksgiving Break.  Whether your family enjoyed Thanksgiving in Fallon or did some traveling; all students came back ready to learn.


In math students worked on telling time to the nearest 5 minutes.  Students are learning about time after the hour (20 minutes past 4 or 20 minutes after 4), time before the hour (10 minutes before 6, 10 minutes unitl 6, or 10 minutes till 6), and labeling time based on events with A.M. or P.M.  The work on time will continue with a review on Monday. Students will test on time on Tuesday. The remainder of the week in math will be spent on MAPS Testing (math will be on Wednesday) and working on other strategies for adding multi-digit numbers (partial sum).


As a whole group of writers, we worked on informative/explanatory text.  Together we filled out an organizer that consisted of all the elements of informative/explanatory text (introduction statement, key vocabulary, transition words, facts, and concluding statement).  Our organizer was a “how to” on how to decorate a Christmas Tree. For practice students took the organizer and wrote How to Decorate a Christmas Tree. This week students will select their own “how to”.  Students will fill out the organizer, write a rough draft, and go through the revising and editing process.


We will finish our work with reflexive pronouns as we review and assess on Monday.  The next topic in Language will be compound words. Students will be using the 2 words that make up a compound word to help define the compound word.

Compound Word     home + made = homemade

Definition     Something that is homemade is an item made at home.

Sentence     Addie’s Dad makes to best homemade banana bread.


Students are working on their matter slideshows.  They have done a great job researching their form of matter, filling out the planner, and starting their slideshows.  Students will be sharing their slideshows with other classes. Slideshows will be ready to share this week. Instead of starting a new project before Christmas Break, students will spend the end of this week in next week on some STEM projects.

MAPS Testing

This coming week students will take the Math and Reading MAPS Test.  Students will take Math on Wednesday (December 11th) and Reading on Thursday (December 12th).  Be sure your child comes to school well rested and has eaten a healthy breakfast.  

Christmas Party

Even though we just finished our Fall Break, our Winter Break is almost upon us.  That being said, our class Christmas Party will be on December 19, 2019 at 2:45 P.M.  We will have some game/craft stations and of course some food and drinks. If you would like to volunteer to run a game/craft or provide a treat for the party please let me know via email .

Wishing everyone a great week!!


Mrs. Bloomfield and & Miss Garcia