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Week 15: Reindeer

December 2, 2019 by Lauren Kelly

Welcome to week 16 of Kindergarten!

BLOG: My blog is not working like it should this school year. For some reason the alerts are not going out to parents when I post a blog. Now the blog isn’t even posting like it should. So from now on I will be posting it as usual, but I will also be sending it directly to all parents through Infinite Campus. I appreciate everyone’s patience with this issue. Our IT is attempting to figure out how to fix this issue without having to create a whole new account, which would wipe out all my blogs this year. :/ I hope it will get figured out. 

    I hope everyone had a relaxing fall break off. I hope you all were able to read and experience the Thankful Turkey book your child created the week before fall break; they turned out amazing! I spent a great amount of time with my family, reading, playing cards, and crafting. I am ready to get back to learning and teaching! 🙂

    For the next 2 weeks we are going to be doing a mini-PBL unit on researching and learning about reindeer to create an informational report. In reading this week, we will start working on the skill of sequentially retelling what we read during guided reading groups. Students will start bringing home books at their level they can read on their own or to you every Thursday. Students will practice any book they bring home here in class and demonstrate mastery of it, before they are allowed to bring it home. So, if your child tells you they cannot read a paper book they bring home from now on, please let me know! As this should not be happening as the book is leveled to their current independent/instructional reading skills and abilities. After your student reads you a book or if you read it to them, please start practicing the skills of retelling the details of the story in sequential order. We want students to retell with as much details as they can starting at the beginning, middle, and then the end using character names when possible. 

    For math this week, we are finishing our unit on 2D and 3D shapes. Students will then test their knowledge on the following Monday through a formal assessment. 

HOMEWORK: 20 minutes each night please! 10 minutes of reading of any choice (read poems, read paper books, or sight word practice.) For Math, there is an optional change for homework. Many parents stated that IXL is not engaging for their child any longer. If this is the case, you can have your child do 1 page of the math worksheet packet I have sent home with them each Monday. So, if your child wants to do 1 page of the math packet instead of IXL practice that is perfectly fine. This is an optional alternative to IXL practice. The math packet is not a have to do and does NOT need to be turned back in.  The optional math packet will be sent home in binders every Monday for you do complete throughout the week as an alternative to IXL. The skills in the math packet are all things we have worked on and are not new to your child. They should be review. If your child struggles with a page, please let me know so we can practice it more here at school!


Ms. Kelly