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Week 15- Reindeer

December 2, 2019 by Miss Morrison

This week our theme will be reindeer.  Often, children’s only exposure to reindeer will have been Santa’s flying reindeer.  To be able to engage in an informational study of reindeer without lessening the magic of Christmas, I will differentiate between MOST reindeer and Santa’s special reindeer. During this nonfiction study, we will take note of many nonfiction text features such as maps, diagrams, and headings. 

We will also be reading a funny story called The Great Reindeer Rebellion. While still practicing our previous comprehension focuses, we will also be comparing texts more formally.

This week in math, we will place an emphasis on using position words to describe the placement of objects, comparing sizes, work more with graphs, and continue to combine shapes to make other shapes/pictures. Being able to describe shapes and the things they notice about them is a HUGE part of what Kindergarten students are expected to do in this skill area, so please encourage and model such skills when the opportunity to use them pops up in real life situations.



10 minutes each night. 

Reading should include a variety of the following activities

– reading stories (your child should at times be the reader and at other times be the listener)

– reading the poems in the binder

– working on alphabet sounds and letter names (students have mastered sounds and names should be shifting this practice time to noticing these within their own reading and writing)

– sight word games/practice.


10 minutes each night.

Any objectives in the W section would be valuable reinforcement of our current focus. (Referring back to the term “face” may help students with objective 8- it would also be a fun and worthwhile activity to have them trace the faces of reasonable 3D objects from around your home.)

Once your child seems to be pretty fluent with those skills- they can explore any other objectives they are interested in for this section. Reviewing and increasing fluency in Section C skills is also a good use of their time. Remember, real world practice of these skills is also great for building up their foundational skills.

Shape names can be a little bit of a sticky skill for some students (especially now that we are into 3D/solid shapes) so noticing and discussing shapes in the world around us is very helpful for firming this up.