Week 15- Gingerbread Stories

December 17, 2018 by Miss Morrison

Our theme this week is Gingerbread Stories. It is an enjoyable and rich way to practice comparing and contrasting stories.  We will be finding similarities and differences between stories in regards to characters, settings, and events. We will also continue to practice retelling the important parts of fiction stories.  You can help with this skill by asking about the stories that they hear and read at school and with you at home.

In phonemic awareness, we are continuing to work on hearing different sound chunks in words. We want to be able to break them apart and put them back together.

For writing, we will be having a cookie taste test. We will record what we notice with our senses, share our opinion, and a pose a question to our readers.

In math, our measurement unit will focus on length, height, and weight. We have a great variety of books and hands on activities to help us explore comparing these.



10 minutes each night. Reading can include reading stories, the poems in the binder, sight words, and working on alphabet sounds and letter names.


Remember, math should be done for 10 minutes.

Optional IXL objectives:

This week your child can explore any of the following objectives in whatever amount/order seems most appropriate for them.

  1. S.1 Long and short
  2. S.2 Tall and short
  3. S.3 Light and heavy
  4. G.3 Fewer and more – compare by counting
  5. G.5 Fewer, more, and same

Thursday – Have a great Christmas Break! 

Over break:

Having your child read, play a sight word game, practice any IXL skill, and/or write a bit whenever you can fit it in or they seem interested is a great way to keep the many things we have been working on sharp in their growing minds. (No pressure!)

Thank you for sharing your child with me!