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Week 15, Dec. 2-5

December 1, 2019 by Kim Sorensen & Rebecca Farley

We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving break!

4th Grade Math: This week we will finish up learning concepts of fractions.  We will convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and improper fractions to mixed numbers.  On Wednesday we will review equivalent fractions, simplest form, comparing fractions, adding and subtracting, mixed numbers and improper fractions.  On Thursday we will test on these concepts.  IXLs that match this week’s instruction are: P.4,5, 8, 11, 12, 17, 21, 22, 24 and Q.9.

3rd Grade Math:  This week we will be solving word problems using division.  Division is tricky with word problems because we want to be sure that we are understanding what the question is asking and what we are dividing up.  This requires a high level of reading comprehension.  For the most part, our 3rd graders can divide numbers, but we are struggling to make sense of it in real life situations.  This week we will look at scenarios where dealing is required – we know how many groups or things we are dividing it into, we just don’t know how much each will get.  We will work with chunking or grouping scenarios.  For example, we know how many each group or part will receive, we just don’t know how many groups or parts there will be.  We will also be making sense of remainders, sometimes we need the remainders, sometimes we don’t.  With your children at home, please make sense of everyday division problems at home and try to decipher whether dealing or chunking is needed.  Here are a couple of examples.  

  • We have 23 Hershey Kisses.  We want to divide them equally with 4 friends.  How many will each friend get?  Will there be any left over? (dealing)
  • We are wrapping presents.  I have 38 inches of ribbon.  I need pieces of ribbon that are 10 inches long each.  How many pieces can I get with my ribbon?  Will there be ribbon left over? (chunking)

IXLs that match this week’s instruction are: K.10,12 and L.5

Both 3rd and 4th Math: If you haven’t already,please send in your child’s baby picture with their weight.  Thank you!!!!

In projects we will start the week by reviewing our last Civics assessment. This was a fast unit and I want to quickly review since much of the class struggled with the basics. PLEASE have conversations with your children about the leaders of our country (president, VP, governor)  and what city, state, county, country we live in. This week in projects we will have a quick economics lesson and learn about producers, consumers, goods, services and different types of resources. We will also have a fun, hands on activity to help students understand the assembly line process. I will be sending home new Quizlet vocabulary words Monday for our test on Thursday. Thank you for helping your child study their vocab words and having meaningful conversations with them. 

In writing, we will set up our new opinion writing notebooks, complete anchor charts as a class that introduces the fundamentals of opinion writing, and play games using task cards and examples of opinion and non opinion writings. I will pass back your child’s pre-assessment opinion writing and meet with writing groups this week to discuss any questions they have going forward in our new opinion writing genre. 


  • 12/4- Christmas Choir Concert- The 4th graders will be presenting along with other grades at the Convention Center at 7pm. Please have your children at the convention center no later than 6:45 dressed in their nicest Christmas attire. 
  • High school and middle school student councils will be participating in the Scholastic Pajama Drive again this year. We will collect new pajamas for children in need in our area. The tags should be on. We need all sizes (infant to teens). The  drive will run from November 12 – December 6. Donations can be dropped off in Mrs. O’Flaherty’s room. Our goal for this year is 150 sets of pajamas! Let’s do it!  If you have any questions please email Mrs. O’Flaherty at Thank you so much for all of your support!    
  • 12/16- I’m All Ears Forum, 8:00 & 5:15 
  • 12/20-1/5 Winter Break