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Week 15

December 2, 2019 by Mandy Helwig

5th Grade Math – This week we will continue to divide fractions. The strategy we’re using is to find the reciprocal of the second fraction and then multiply. The phrase we use to remember these steps is “Keep, Change, Flip.” Ask your child to tell you the steps to divide fractions.

6th Grade Math – We finished up Chapter 5 on Ratio before the break and began Chapter 6 on Rate today. We will be calculating unit rates, such as price per pound, miles per hour, ect., finding the best deal, and using rate to solve word problems. Here is a Khan Academy intro to rates:

6th Grade Projects – We are finishing up Weather and Climate this week. We will review the concepts and vocabulary on Monday, take the quiz on Tuesday, continue working on projects and be prepared to present on Wednesday. On Thursday, we will take our Science MAPS test.