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Week 14 in Second Grade

December 10, 2018 by Anne Bloomfield


                                                                                                     December 10, 2018  

Dear Parents,

Wow, last week was soooo busy!  The beginning of the 2nd Trimester, snow with a “late start” day, and Parent/Teacher Conferences it was a fun but busy end to the week.  It was so wonderful to have some time at conferences to discuss your child’s academic and social progress. We appreciate you taking to the time to come in to conferences.  Both Miss Garcia and I have a few more conferences this week, but we are proud to say we will have met with 100% of our families!!


Last week in math we continued our work with graphing.  Students reviewed tally charts, picture graphs, and bar graphs.  We will continue work on picture graphs and bar graphs this coming week.  2nd graders will assess on this standard next week.                                                                     


Last week students started working on descriptive writing.  We discussed gifts, going from talking about concrete gifts (items you can touch) to abstract (things that you can do for others).  Students generated a list of abstract gifts, selected 1 gift and who they would like to receive that gift. They are writing a descriptive piece that goes along with their abstract gift.  


Our work in language last week was all about collective nouns.  Students learned that nouns that name a group are called collective nouns.  As we learn more collective nouns, students will be creating a slide for a class collective noun slide show.  Each slide will have a sentence that includes the definition of the their collective noun, the collective noun used in a sentence, and a picture.


The collective noun for butterflies is flight.

A flight of butterflies hovered over the flower garden.


Students are ready to start their next project.  We have been learning about landmarks in the United States.  Our focus has been on the Statue of Liberty. We have been researching on this landmark as a class.  Students had the opportunity to explore the Statue of Liberty via a virtual reality “field trip” courtesy of Google Expeditions.  For the next 2 weeks students will be working in triads to research their group’s landmark. It is sure to be an exciting time!

Maps Testing

All 2nd grade students will be taking the Reading MAPS Test on Thursday, December 13th.  The testing will be done during their reading block with Mrs. Jackson. Please be sure that your child gets a good nights rest on Wednesday and a hearty breakfast on Thursday morning.

Wishing you a great week filled with peace!!

Gratefully yours,

Anne Bloomfield                


Shannon Garcia