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Week 14 – 11/18′-11/21

November 18, 2019 by Jami Rowlett

Dear first grade families

Thanksgiving is almost here. We only have one more week until our fall break.  was great getting to talk with each of you about the progress your child is making! Thanks for taking the time to come in! The Scholastic Book Club order is open on line if you would like to order please use our class code HLFMD. You may go to to browse the orders. A paper flier will be sent home this week. Please place your order by December 6.


  • PLEASE label all coats, jackets, hats, and other winter accessories with your child’s first and last name.
  • Middle School and High School student councils are participating in the Scholastic Pajama Drive and will be collecting pajamas from November 12th through December 6th.  The pajamas will be for children in our area who are in need. They are collecting sizes from infant to teens. 


  • Reading every night for 20 minutes  (This includes sight words and reading group books that are coming home each night. Please return the books each day with your child.)
  • Math fact sheet each night

This week we will…

  • Review nouns (common and proper) and verbs.
  • Continue learning about the different sentence types–declarative (statement), interrogative (question), exclamatory (exclamation), imperative (giving a command).
  • Continue determining the beginning, middle, and end of a story.
  • Identify different types of communities (suburban, urban, and rural)
  • Take an assessment on shapes and their attributes.  
  • Begin comparing numbers using subtraction.  For example in the number story “You have 6 cats and 2 dogs.  How many more cats do you have?” Students can write a subtraction equation of 6-2=4.  The answer statement would be “I have 4 more cats than dogs.”    

Last week we…

  • Reviewed nouns (common and proper) and verbs.
  • Began learning the different types of sentences and punctuation that goes with each.
  • Reviewed long and short vowels
  • Continued to identify shapes that are closed/open.  Identified and counted corners and sides as well as flat surfaces
  • Sorted and classified objects by shape, color, size, number of corners, sides and orientation.  
  • Created a pattern according to size, shape or color.


  • November 25–Beginning of Thanksgiving break
  • December 2nd–Students return from break.
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