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Week 13

November 11, 2019 by Shannon Garcia

November 12, 2019

Dear Parents,

What a wonderful extra long weekend!!  Miss Garcia and myself hope that every family enjoyed their Veterans Day long weekend, but also took some time to reflect on the importance of the day with a sense of gratefulness to all the brave men and women who are veterans!!

A quick reminder, please be sure to label items (jackets, water bottles, hats etc.).  The Lost and Found Table is getting very full. Mrs. Renfroe goes through the Lost and Found Table weekly and returns items to the appropriate classroom if they are labeled.

Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences will be held this Friday, November 15th.  Miss Garcia and myself are looking forward to having this time to discuss your child’s progress during the 1st Trimester.  If you have not signed up for a conference time, please be sure to do so. If you need a different day or time please contact your child’s teacher to schedule a day and time that works for you. 

Pajama Drive

High school and middle school student councils will be participating in the Scholastic Pajama Drive again this year. We will collect new pajamas (Black Friday is great time to pick up P.J.’s at bargain prices.) for children in need in our area. The tags should be on. We need all sizes (infant to teens). The  drive will run from November 12-December 6. Donations can be dropped off in Mrs. O’Flaherty’s room. Our goal for this year is 150 sets of pajamas! Let’s do it! If you have any questions please email Mrs. O’Flaherty. Thank you so much for all of your support! 


We have finished our work with fractions.  Students have been busy telling what fraction of a shape is shaded or not shaded.  We have spent time comparing and ordering unit fractions with the same denominator.  Although, we have assessed on fractions; students will still see them during our daily “do now” review.

Our next concept in math will be geometry.  This week students will be exploring various 2-dimensional shapes and 3-dimensional solids.  Students will be identifying 2 and 3-dimensional shapes and counting the common 2-dimensional shapes on 3-dimensional solids.  Students will also be composing common 2-dimensional shapes to make new shapes.     


Students were assessed on adverbs last week.  The next area of language we will be working on are collective nouns.  Collective nouns name groups of nouns. An example of a collective noun would flight.  

A flight of butterflies flew past the garden.


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, our writing for the next 2 weeks will be reflecting on gratitude.  Students will be making a “Thankful Book” that they will bring home to share with you over the Thanksgiving Holiday.   


Our work on matter continues.  Last week, student scientists made observations on the properties of a crayon.  This week students will be learning about how matter can change and whether that change is reversible or irreversible.  

This project has led to some interesting discussions.  It’s so fun to see students looking at common items from a scientific point of view!

Looking forward to another wonderful week full of learning!  Also looking forward to seeing many of you at conferences on Friday!!


Anne Bloomfield and Mrs. Garcia