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Week 13- Veterans Day

November 11, 2019 by Timbra Vaughn

This week our theme will be Veterans Day.  If you have a veteran in your family, please send in a photocopied picture.  The kids love to see all of the men and women who are celebrated on this important patriotic holiday.  It’s extra great if you add who they are and what branch of the military they have served in on the back. We will be using nonfiction books about Veterans Day to learn about the topic and the key details that informational books use to help us learn. We will also be reading about families who have members serving and the feelings they experience.

In writing, we will be writing Thank You cards for currently currently enlisted service members and other people that we would like to express gratitude for.

This week in math we continue with our focus on 2D/flat shapes. We will also spend time composing shapes.

We begin our next science unit on forces and motion this week, by exploring our use of pushes and pulls. The students have another STEM challenge this week that will involve pushing on object through a race course.

I am looking forward to conferences this Friday. It is so nice to get a chance to sit down and meet with each you!

High school and middle school student councils will be participating in the Scholastic Pajama Drive again this year. We will collect new pajamas for children in need in our area. The tags should be on. We need all sizes (infant to teens). The drive will run from November 12-December 6. Donations can be dropped off in Mrs. O’Flaherty’s room. Our goal for this year is 150 sets of pajamas! Let’s do it!  If you have any questions please email Mrs. O’Flaherty. Thank you so much for all of your support! 



10 minutes each night. 

Reading should include a variety of the following activities

– reading stories (your child should at times be the reader and at other times be the listener)

– reading the poems in the binder

– working on alphabet sounds and letter names (students have mastered sounds and names should be shifting this practice time to noticing these within their own reading and writing)

– sight word games/practice.


10 minutes each night.

To align with the lessons in class, this is the progression of IXL objectives that I suggest. However, please feel free to follow your child’s ability and interest.

Section V. Two-dimensional Shapes

Objectives 8, 9, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 6, 7

The new “compose two-dimensional shapes” objective looks really fun and valuable too!

Once your child seems to be pretty fluent with those skills- they can explore any other objectives they are interested in for this section. Reviewing and increasing fluency in Section C skills is also a good use of their time. Remember, real world practice of these skills is also great for building up their foundational skills.