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Week 13-Veteran’s Day

November 13, 2019 by Lauren Kelly

Here we are in week 13 of kindergarten!

This week our learning theme in Ms. Kelly’s class is: Veterans.  We will have active military and veterans coming to speak to our Kindergarten classes on Tuesday afternoon. Students prior to the presentation will learn about the 5 branches of the military and what their responsibilities are to keep our great nation safe. Students will read, write, and learn about what Veteran’s Day is and how we celebrate it. Our poem this week is about Veterans.   

For Language arts this week, we will be introducing the concept of onset + rim. (e.g. cat= c+at/dog= d+og) Students will need to be able to segment CVC words into the onset+rime, as well as blend them together to say a word when given the onset+rime. 

 For Math this week, we continue working with 2-D/flat shapes. Students need to know circle, square, triangle, rectangles, oval, star, heart, and hexagon. We will look at how we can combine shapes to make other shapes too. 

For homework, students need to complete 20 minutes nightly. 10 minutes of reading or practicing their sight word list they are on. 10 minutes of math on IXL. 

***Remember students will get 10 sight words at a time each week that are sent home on a piece of construction paper in the form of flashcards. These should be cut out and used to practice the words. Most students are passing lists about every week to week and a half if they are studying each night. Students are quizzed 1-on-1 with an adult on their 10 sight words. If they pass getting all 10 words correctly, they will be sent a new list of 10 sight words sent home the following Monday. Sight words are not easy for young students, as they cannot sound most of them out. Too many words in the English language do not follow the phonemic rules or are a long vowel patterns our student don’t know how to decode yet. So our kinders have to memorize most sight words through repetition and memorization. Please do not stress about sight words! 

The standard is for students to read and know the first 60 words on the Dolch list by the end of Kindergarten. So we have many months to work on these. However, the more sight words they learn before 1st grade, the better prepared they’ll be to take off in reading. Students are expected to leave kindergarten reading a level C text. A level C text in a book has repetitive sentence formations. One to two sentences on each page. Most words in a sentence will be sight words with the last word of the sentence being different and the pictures of the book will provide a clue of what that word is.  

I want to let you know each and every student in our classroom is making growth each and every day. Sometimes it in academics and other times it is socially or emotionally. I hope you all are checking out Class Dojo throughout the school week! The students love to share what we are learning with you all.

Thanks for all you are doing with your students and for our classroom!

Ms. Kelly