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Week 13 in 2nd Grade

December 2, 2018 by Anne Bloomfield

                                                                                                                                                          December 3, 2018

Dear Parents,

Last week we said good-bye to the first trimester and today we say hello to the 2nd trimester. Our 2nd grade students have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

A quick reminder, please be sure to label items (jackets, water bottles, hats etc.). The Lost and Found Table is getting very full. Mrs. Renfroe goes through the Lost and Found Table weekly and returns items to the appropriate classroom if they are labeled.

Parent/Teacher Conferences will take place on Friday, December 7th and into the next week.  Please don’t forget to sign up.  I have several dates and times available.

We have finished our work with teaching the strategies for adding and subtracting. Students will be reviewing them throughout the next few weeks and then revisit them in January when we use the strategies to work with computation problems that need to be renamed.
This week students will be collecting data, creating a tally chart, graphing data, and answering questions related to the graph. Students will be working on picture graphs and bar graphs.

Students were assessed on adjectives and adverbs last week. The next area of language we will be working on are collective nouns. Collective nouns name groups of nouns. An example of a collective noun would flight.
A flight of butterflies flew past the garden.

The 2nd grade writers have just finished up their opinion piece on the best holiday. We had a wide variety of holidays that students gave reasons with explanations to tell their opinion about the best holiday. This writing will be up in the hall for you to enjoy when we conference on Friday or next week.

In the area of projects, students have been learning about landmarks. As a class we have been learning about the Statue of Liberty. Students have come up with some great question that we are researching as a class. Towards the end of the week students will be working in triads (groups of 3) to research their own United States Landmark.

Looking forward to another wonderful week full of learning! Also looking forward to seeing many of you at conferences on Friday!!

Anne Bloomfield
Shannon Garcia