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Week 13

November 18, 2019 by Eric Grimes

Ancient World History – This week we will finish presentations of the group projects. The books the students have put together on their ancient civilization are amazing. We will finish out the week before Fall and Thanksgiving break covering The Persian Empire and Unification of China. Students have a vocabulary sheet they need to complete as a study guide for a quiz on Chapter 4 when we get back from break.

American Government and Economics – The joint research paper for Government and Mrs. Stockard’s class is do Monday, November 18th. I will do my best to get them graded before the end of the Fall/Thanksgiving break. This week the students will cover both Lessons 13 and 14. The lessons are short and the topics similar – Federalist and Anti-Federalist positions on the Constitution. There will be a quiz on Tuesday over Lesson 12 and a quiz on both Lessons 13 and 14 when we get back from break.

We the People – We are so busy this week! Students are continuing to fine tune their testimonials (presentation) for the Showcase this Thursday at the school from 6-9 pm. We have amazing students in this program who have dedicated a significant amount of time, effort and energy to learning the Constitution and how our Government represents us, the United States citizen.