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Week 12-Pigs

November 5, 2019 by Lauren Kelly

Hi everyone!

  Welcome to the 12th week of kindergarten. We just finished up trimester 1 of the school year. We have now been officially in school for 46 days. The growth from day 1 to day 46 is pretty amazing to see. 🙂 Now that trimester 1 is done with, it is time to hold parent/teacher conferences to share all the growth and progress your child has made. I have sent out on email invite to all parents to sign-up for a conference slot. Here is the link to sign-up for a conference with me: Sign-Up Genius. They will start on Friday, November 15th.  Conferences will run about 20 minutes where I will go over and give you your child’s report card. I will discuss their growth and progress in each subject area, as well as any recommendations for growth or practice. Please know I welcome any questions or concerns you have; as you know it takes home and school teamwork to help our students succeed. 🙂

Theme for this week’s learning is pigs. The students loved learning about goats and reading the different versions of, The Three Billy Goats Gruff this past school week. This coming week we will learn about  pigs and write about the non-fiction facts and information we learn about them. The PBL writing for Trimester 2 will be for students to do an animal research report. In reading this week, we will read different versions or point of views for, The Three Little Pigs. Additionally, students will participate in a STEM activity to build their best pig home that can withstand the Big Bad Wolf. Students will be given straws, popsicle sticks, and unifix cubes. Students will work with a partner to build their first house. Then, Ms. Kelly with the help of a hair dryer will come along to see if it is strong enough. If it is, then they will earn their engineer badges. If it is not strong enough, students will need to brainstorm with their partner how to engineer their house to be stronger. Through the STEM project we will introduce the last, TRIBES trait of collaboration. Students need to learn to work well with others. As well as, to be flexible and comprise when working in a group. Additionally, to remain on-task and focused. Students will be given collaboration points from a 1-4 on how well they are able to collaborate with their partner this week. On Thursday, we will as a class reflect on how they were able to collaborate with their partner.

HOMEWORK for the week: Please have your child do 20 minutes nightly: 10 minutes of reading/sight word practice/weekly poem practice/zoo phonics/or any reading activity choice and 10 minutes of math practice. The modules for math are the same as last week. Again, if your child seems board with math practice, please let me know and I will send home a practice sheet from the math lessons instead.  **Please make sure you are logging in the nightly homework your child does each night on their homework log located in their white binders.

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